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Pure Gaming

June 11th, 2016

How To Choose Gaming Microphone

Microphones are just microphones, right? Well, not really. A gaming microphone, for starters, ought to sound much more better over speakers for very obvious reasons. This is especially true when you need to make communications with both your adversaries and teammates at the heat of the gaming experience. Therefore, a cheap product is not always the best solution you should settle for.

Quite a large number of gamers usually opt for headphones that feature bulky headsets. However, generally speaking, the microphones of these given devices cannot be considered to be their main components. There are some ways to enhance your gaming audio experience, particularly if you desire to utilize microphones that come with a studio monitor quality. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable things you need to fully consider when choosing the very best of such devices.

Your given budget

You can be able to obtain a gaming microphone with a price tag in the range of under $100 to the upwards of $400. This obviously presents you with a lot of options when it comes to the solution that might meet your given budget. Nevertheless, if you are truly serious about the quality of your gaming communications, like earlier mentioned, a cheap solution isn’t always the best. Therefore, always steer clear from absurdly cheap products, which at best, offer the most basic functionality.

Audio interfaces or not?

Some gamers go out of their way to settle for audio interfaces to effectively connect their microphones with their PCs or gaming consoles. This is naturally a very feasible choice, if you really wish to take your gaming microphone setup to the next level. Essentially, microphones that can support XLR connectors are what you would label as studio quality products. On the other hand, there are some XLR microphones, which can be directly plugged to a PC or gaming console without an audio interface. Yet still allow you to use studio condenser quality that integrates warm and rich sounds of your voice while gaming.

Popper stoppers

A popper stopper is an extremely practical feature for any gaming microphone worth its salt. Basically, it permits the device to be on standby at all times while you are engaged in a game with your friends. This will enable you to talk whenever you wish to do so, without having to make use of any hot keys first.

Additionally features to look out for in an excellent gaming microphone

A good gaming microphone should also come with several extra features, which can enhance your overall gaming experience communications. This of course includes a couple of pattern settings that you can conveniently pick from such as cartioid, stereo, omni-directional or even bidirectional. The first setting can effortlessly isolate your voice from any background noise in the room you are playing in. While the last can capture your voice from two different directions ( front and back).

You will also want gaming microphones that come with invaluable controls like mute, gain or even zero latency. At the same time, such products should also have their own stands, allowing them to perch conveniently next to your PC or gaming console. Finally, they should be seamlessly compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs.

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